Minor in Science, Technology and Society (STS)

Minor Code: M075 - Sci, Technology, & Society

Today more than ever, innovations in science, medicine, and technology are transforming the way we live. The STS minor is designed to help students to understand how science and technology both shape and reflect our values, norms, and institutions. The STS Minor offers a wide selection of courses that address the processes, products, and effects of science and technology, and explores their cultural, political, and ethical implications. It allows students to bridge disciplinary interests, expand their research skills, and acquire the analytical versatility needed to compete in an increasingly globalizing market, driven by science and technology.

To complete the minor, students will take a total of seven courses (28 units), with a minimum of five upper-division classes, chosen from the minor catalogue. Students are required to take courses in two or more of the minor’s four subfields: philosophy, history, sociology, and communication.  Up to two courses can be taken for Pass/No Pass.

CAT 1 classes count towards the STS minor. That means that Sixth College students need take only five upper-division classes to complete the minor.  

Declare the STS Minor, learn how and why science and technology are transforming the way we live, and acquire a powerful skill set for life!  

Fall 2018 Course Offerings

Winter 2019 Course Offerings

STS Minor Checklist


Potential Career Paths:

  • Public advocacy
  • Business consultant
  • Health Care management
  • Science museums
  • Arms control and Nonproliferation
  • Biotechnologies
  • Economic policy
  • Environmental agencies
  • Journalism
  • Law

Course List:

Sixth College
CAT1. Culture, Art, and Technology 1
PHIL 12 Scientific Reasoning
PHIL 32: Philosophy and the Rise of Modern Science
PHIL 145: Philosophy of Science
PHIL 146: Philosophy of Physics
PHIL 147: Philosophy of Biology
PHIL 148: Philosophy and the Environment
PHIL 149: Philosophy of Psychology
PHIL 152: Philosophy of Social Science
PHIL 163: Biomedical Ethics
HISC 106: The Scientific Revolution
HISC 107: The Emergence of Modern Science
HISC 108: History of 20th Century Life Science
HISC 110: Historical Encounters of Science and Religion
HISC 115: History of Medicine
HISC 116: History of Bioethics
HISC 131: Science, Technology, and Law
SOCI 30: Science, Technology, and Society
SOCI 40: Health Care and Society
SOCI 134B: The Making of Modern Medicine
SOCI 136E: Sociology of Mental Illness: An Historical Approach
SOCI 136F: Sociology of Mental Illness in Contemporary Society.
SOCI 150: Madness and the Movies
SOCI 166: Sociology of Knowledge
SOCI 167: Science and War
SOC 168E: Sociology of Science
SOC 170: Gender and Science

SOC 171: Technology and Society 

COMM 106I: Internet Industry
COMM 108D: The Politics of Bodies (POB) Disability
COMM 108G: POB Gender and Biomedicine
COMM 112T: Interaction with Technology
COMM 114G: CSI Gender and Science
COMM 143: Science Fiction
COMM 166: Surveillance, the Media, and the Risk Society
COMM 174: Communication and Social Machines
Critical Gender Studies
CGS 2A: Key Terms & Concepts
Ethnic Studies
ETHN 102: Science, Technology, and Society - Race, Gender, Class
Scripps Institution of Oceanography
SIO 286: Marine Science, Economics and Policy
Visual Arts
VIS 159: History of Art and Technology