Language Requirements

All students enrolled in the Program are encouraged to equip themselves with linguistic skills sufficient to ensure that their choice of topics for research is not adversely restricted to those in which all the relevant literature is in English. For many students in Science Studies this will entail having, or acquiring, a reading knowledge of at least one language other than English.

Students enrolled in the Departments of Communication and History are required to demonstrate a basic reading competence in one language other than English, before advancing to candidacy; details about how this may be fulfilled are given in the Department al Graduate Handbook. The choice of language must be approved by the student's advisor, and must be clearly relevant to the prospective field of research. Students whose native language fulfills that condition may apply for the language requirement to be waived. Conversely, a student's advisor may set a requirement of more than one language other than English, if the proposed field of the dissertation makes that desirable.

Students enrolled in the Department of Philosophy are required to demonstrate reading proficiency in either German, French, Latin or Classical Greek. Competence in a second language may be required if, in the judgment of the student's advisor, the propose d dissertation topic makes that desirable. The language requirement must be met before the student can advance to candidacy.