Minor in Science, Technology and Society

Today more than ever, innovations in science, medicine, and technology are transforming the way we live. The Science, Technology and Society Minor is designed to provide students with an understanding of how scientific knowledge and technological development interact with social values, norms, and institutions. Interdisciplinary in nature and scope, STS studies the processes, products, and effects of science and technology, and explores their cultural, political, and ethical implications. The STS Minor provides students an opportunity to bridge disciplinary interests, expand their research skills, and acquire the analytical versatility needed to compete in an increasingly globalizing market for the sciences and technology.

To complete the minor, students will take a total of seven courses (28 units, with a minimum of five upper-division classes), which will be chosen from a wide range of  courses offered by the STS Minor faculty. Up to two courses can be taken for Pass/No Pass. Within their selection of seven classes, students will be required to take at least one course in three out of the minor’s four subfields: philosophy, history, sociology, and communication, to ensure that they will be exposed to at least some of the wide methodological range that characterizes the field of Science Studies.

Declare the STS Minor, learn how and why science and technology are transforming the way we live, and prepare for a life and career suited to our new world.

Potential Career Paths:

  • Public advocacy
  • Business consultant
  • Health Care management
  • Science museums
  • Arms control and Nonproliferation
  • Biotechnologies
  • Economic policy
  • Environmental agencies
  • Journalism
  • Law